August 2021

After months of working on it, at Weilai we launch our specific area of training in Chinese tourism.
The agreement that we have just signed with the Mexican Federation of Tourism Associations, FEMATUR, is our first alliance for specific training in Chinese tourism, which will undoubtedly be of great importance for tourism in all of Latin America in the short and medium term. Training, specializing and differentiating yourself over time will be essential for the correct management of the most coveted tourist in the world today.

We take this thoughtful and studied step because of the endorsement of having in our team Víctor Ladreda, General Director of Weilai China, and surely one of the greatest references in Chinese tourism linked to the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to having held a general management position for 5 years within a Chinese state-owned company based in Guangzhou, he has more than 15 years of experience in which he has directed various projects for the China National Tourism Administration, has managed the visit to China of more than twenty delegations from European cities, has accompanied official delegations from several Chinese cities and provinces to Spain and Latin America for their promotion in tourism, has been the facilitator of the signing of bilateral agreements in the field of tourism and participant in a long etcetera of actions and projects in this field during his professional career. The sum of all this makes Weilai Turismo Chino born with a solid base capable of providing service in all areas and sectors of current tourism thanks to the knowledge acquired.

Following the academic philosophy of Weilai, training in Chinese tourism focuses on practice and acquiring real knowledge, going to the important things and leaving aside those that do not provide really useful tools.
The training fields of Weilai Chinese Tourism include one-week face-to-face programs in China, specific Mandarin Chinese courses and generic seminars and seminars by sectors of activity within the field of tourism.

Continuing with our international expansion plan, we have taken a first step in this field of Chinese tourism in Mexico, but we set ourselves the goal of penetrating the rest of the Spanish-speaking markets.

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